Invited by “Free Media,” Badr participates in a dialogue forum in Qamishli.

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Badr Organization for Development and Community Media participated in a dialogue forum organized by the Union of Free Media on Thursday. The forum addressed several topics and issues relevant to the journalistic field and journalists in northern and eastern Syria, with a primary focus on finding mechanisms to protect journalists from Turkish targeting.

The dialogue forum was attended by journalists from northern and eastern Syria and continued for several hours, engaging in extensive discussions on various points of concern to journalists.

The forum began with a report on Turkish targeting of journalists in northern and eastern Syria over the past four years, documenting the number of journalists who lost their lives or were injured in these attacks. It also covered indirect forms of targeting, including threats, intimidation, and confiscation of property.

The forum also discussed media misinformation, especially during the recent events in Deir ez-Zor. Fadel Mohammed, the director of the Badr organization, spoke about the #No_Incitement campaign launched by the organization, documenting news from media outlets and social media accounts that contributed to incitement, misinformation, and the promotion of hate speech.

Participants also discussed the role of international organizations and unions in responding to such attacks and explored ways to communicate with them to ensure the protection of journalists in northern and eastern Syria.

Several journalists shared their opinions and perspectives on these points, which were thoroughly discussed during the forum for future consideration.

It is worth noting that the Union of Free Media recently formed a local investigation committee in partnership with Egyptian journalists, under the supervision of the union’s presidency and the Human Rights Committee in the Jazira region. The committee aims to investigate and uncover the facts surrounding the recent targeting of a vehicle carrying journalists from the Gîn TV channel in the city of Qamishli by a drone.

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