International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

اليوم الدولي لضحايا الاختفاء القسري

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International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances August 30th A Practice Beyond Human Rights Violations The use of enforced disappearance has become a strategic method to spread terror within society. The sense of insecurity resulting from this practice is not limited to the relatives of the disappeared; it also affects their local communities and society as a whole. Enforced disappearance has become a global issue and is no longer confined to a specific region of the world. Once a phenomenon primarily associated with military dictatorships, enforced disappearance can now occur in complex conditions of internal conflict or be used as a means of political pressure against opponents. In the region of Afrin, northwest Syria, the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria stated in its 2020 report that “the National Army may have committed war crimes in Afrin and the surrounding areas in the north, including taking hostages, torture, and rape, in addition to killing and maiming dozens of civilians through the use of explosive devices, as well as during shelling and missile attacks.” Furthermore, looting by the army and confiscation of private lands, especially in Kurdish areas, have been widespread. Satellite imagery revealed the looting and destruction of priceless UNESCO heritage sites. Link to the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria report: UN News

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