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“Take the initiative to write with us. Bader adopts community media to advocate for human rights, women’s rights, and the promotion of democratic principles and values. It introduces initiatives to contribute to urgent humanitarian aid, crisis management, capacity building, and community development. The organization focuses on the philosophy of volunteering and donation, promoting community civil peace and rejecting all forms of violence, extremism, and discrimination, especially in the aftermath of the war in Syria over the past ten years.

In line with its mission and vision, Bader provides followers, content creators, and readers the opportunity to publish their articles and opinions through the Bader platform. The organization welcomes contributions, whether opinion articles, reports, analytical articles, or translations.

The website does not publish all submitted works but selects those that contribute to enriching Arabic content, sometimes requiring some modifications from the author before publication.

Please consider the following criteria:

– There is no specific word count, but the article should not be less than 200 words.
– Use a clear and simple style that prioritizes facts.
– The article should maintain language integrity and clarity of meaning.
– Except for opinion articles, rely on the opinions of experts and specialists.
– Attach suitable images to the articles.
– Material submitted to Bader should not be published entirely or partially on other websites.
– The content should be well-organized into paragraphs for easy reading.

Bader does not commit to financial compensation for submitted contributions.

You can send your contributions in doc format to the email:

For reporting content or rights violations, please contact the same email above.

Professional conditions for accepting contributions:

– Avoiding insults, defamation, and baseless accusations against real or legal persons.
– Avoiding racist, violent, hate-inciting, or discriminatory speech based on religion, ideology, ethnicity, or sexuality.
– Avoiding disparaging religions and presenting explicit content.
– Excluding content that could subject Bader to legal accountability.
– Declaring the real identity of the article writer and using their personal image.
– Adhering to the intellectual property rights of all types of content included in the article: texts, visual materials, and audio materials.
– Avoiding promotion of specific products, websites, or services.”

Contact us

Please adhere to the intellectual property rights for all types of content included in the article: texts, visual materials, and audio materials.

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