Bader for Development in Qamishli implements the campaign ‘One Hand Doesn’t Clap.’

بادر للتنمية في القامشلي حملة “يد واحدة لا تصفق”

The Bader for Development organization in Qamishli is implementing the campaign ‘One Hand Doesn’t Clap,’ to emphasize the necessity of mobilizing efforts for collaboration in humanitarian work. The organization’s director, Fadel Mohammed, stated that the campaign serves as a reminder and focuses on the importance of joining forces to extend assistance to those in need. It is a continuation of their previous campaign, ‘Trust Professionally,’ which started in May last year and included training workshops.

The current campaign began at the beginning of August, marking the International Humanitarian Day observed on August 19th each year, celebrated by the United Nations. According to Mohammed, they have documented 100 humanitarian cases, and 30 of them have been published as part of this initiative. However, the response has been very weak due to not mentioning names, showing faces, and sharing contact numbers on social media.

The campaign, titled ‘Trust Professionally,’ continues to document and assist the largest number of humanitarian cases, in addition to promoting a culture of professionalism in media coverage of humanitarian situations.

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