About us

Who we are: Bader Development and Community Media

A non-governmental, non-profit civil organization, founded in 2022, licensed in France, and operating in Syria with a representative office in the northern and eastern regions of Syria. The organization adopts community media to advocate for human rights and women’s issues, as well as to promote democratic principles and values. It launches initiatives to contribute to urgent humanitarian aid, crisis management, capacity building, and community development. Its work focuses on the philosophy of volunteering and donation, aiming to enhance social cohesion, reject violence, extremism, and discrimination in all their forms, especially in the aftermath of the war in Syria over the past decade.

Areas of work: • Media. • Development. • Mobilization and Advocacy.

Vision: An empowered society that adapts to change to achieve development and peace.

Mission: We take the initiative to meet the aspirations of society in sustainable development and a world dominated by peace.

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